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Major Updates

  • Achievements now available in game
  • New card scanning tech. Cards can now be claimed significantly more quickly and easily.
  • Added new quest hub points of interest to maps
  • Can now customise lightstones on pets directly from the pet screen.
  • Significant usability Improvements to the lightstones screen
  • Combos are now much easier to add. Tap the "Powers" tab in your bag


  • All Dungeon bosses in Ashwood forest have tactics hints
  • Magrok now drains life from his oozes faster.
  • Magrok now only spawns two drain fields on difficulties below 11.
  • Added additional VFX for Razlav, Rockmaw, Magrok and Glador
  • Dungeon spinner now has claim buttons when using coins rather than spinner arrows. Will now claim the item next to the claim button.


  • Fixed issue with repeatable flares quest in Ashwood
  • Added additional repeatable quests


  • Reduced number of Stumprdrift and Overlook kreebal
  • Moved sneaky kreebal out of blocked house in Mossridge


  • Added name and description for Windlash’s ability


  • Fixed power levels for weapon lights
  • Weapon lights now always on when not in combat
  • New audio for equipping accessories
  • Combo activation in game now lights up figure


  • Improved character combat effects
  • Shed Skin cog VFX no longer loops for all time
  • Fixed Lightning strike VFX also appearing on the player
  • Increased length of card buff vfx


  • Player mana now recharges 5 times quicker when not in combat

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes, design and balancing changes.
  • Barrier Charge level up now shows correct icon
  • Fixed knock back/pull collision
  • Improving the lightstones on a pet will no longer change your pet selection
  • Dismissed pets no longer play the death animation to make their owners feel guilty
  • Reverting, recycling and customising corestones now updates any follower stats.
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