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Lightseekers takes place on the fantastical planet, Tantos. Unlike many other games, Tantos is not built from a series of small levels. Tantos is a living, breathing, ever-changing world with thousands of hours of repeatable gameplay, that caters to the needs of even the most adventurous explorers.

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At the dawn of time, Tantos was formed around the mysterious Corestone, the source of all energy in the world; the Corestone, in turn, created life on Tantos, with shards of it forming the first race (sapient or not) to live on Tantos: the gigantic Colossai!

The history and secrets of the colossai have long since been lost throughout the passage of time, but it is believed that their civilization came to a violent and abrupt end: after decades of war, an unknown cataclysmic event wiped out the colassai and tore Tantos asunder. To this very day, Tantos still bears reminders of the catastrophe: a network of deep scars known as "the Rift".

Today, there are many new races inhabiting Tantos; the colossai may have been forgotten by today's inhabitants, but they too have their own struggles, rivalries and legends! For centuries, these new inhabitants have lived in relative peace, but recently, everything has started to change: the Umbron have arrived.

While the umbron may appear as generic evil beings obsessed with destruction, whispers tell tales that they are part of some greater villain's devastating plan. The inhabitants of Tantos do not yet know it, but the umbron's arrival will lead to a series of events which (when triggered) shall unravel the mysteries of the past, create new legends for the present and shape the future of the planet for centuries to come.


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The everok are a strong, stalwart race; living high up in the Steadfast Peaks, they are led by a single leader: the Prime Tor, a position that has been held for many years by Dolo the Mighty.

Unlike the other Tantosian races, the population of an everok tribe remains at a fixed number; only when one everok dies, will another be "permitted" to be born, emerging from a sacred mountain near their home city of Exteria. Furthermore, everok cannot die of old age, only by falling in battle or by some other means; when a new everok is born, they are carved to fulfill a role needed in their civilization, with further carvings acquired in their lifetime being used to expand their skills.

Many of the other races consider the everok to be merely slow and unintelligent, but some everok have received so many carvings in their lifetime that they are very wise; of course, by that time, they are very small.

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Kora's story begins in Ashwood Forest.

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Here you will meet the folks of Mossridge. A tree-like people.

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