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Lightseekers is an action-adventure RPG video game that connects action figures, trading cards, comics and more. It is currently under development by PlayFusion. The release is currently scheduled for 2017. This wiki is a collaborative resource for the Lightseeker franchise and is maintained by the contributions of the fans. Feel free to use our Discussions to discuss gameplay. All editors are welcome. Come join our community!


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Lightseekers is a unique and groundbreaking action-adventure role-playing videogame that connects smart action figures, physical trading cards, comics, and even packaging. The game will be free to download and is compatible with Android, iOS and Amazon mobile devices. The action figures connect via Bluetooth and enhance the gameplay through direct interaction. The toys will talk, vibrate and use different colored lights to show levels, status and warn of impending danger. The toys are uniquely tagged and will retain in-game data. Use weapon and accessories to unlock new abilities and adventures. Read More...

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