Lightseekers is an action-adventure, role-playing, multi-platform Toys-to-Life franchise developed by PlayFusion. It encompasses the Lightseekers video game, comics, posters, action-figures, trading cards and more. It was officially released on July 1st, 2017.

While there are a few games currently available that also feature Toys-to-Life functionality (Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and LEGO Dimensions to name a few), Lightseekers is unique in many ways: Action figures are not required to play the game (though they allow it to be played at its full potential) and do not require a portal to appear in-game, information can be shared via Bluetooth, figure accessories and flight packs allow for even more customization, and much more.

Video Game Edit

Lightseekers blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. It fireballs the roof off other action and fantasy adventure role-playing games, melding together augmented reality trading cards, smart action figures, interchangeable accessories, and more.

Trading Card Game Edit

There are over 385 trading cards that can be played as an independent TCG with your friends, which also deliver augmented reality experiences and in-game rewards when scanned by the app. The game was designed for multiple players but can easily support 1-on-1 gameplay or as many players as you like.

Action Figures Edit

The action figures are designed by PlayFusion and created by TOMY. They are Bluetooth enabled and do not require a portal (as other similar games use) to connect to the game. An item known as the "Fusion Core" allows information to be stored and transferred to, or be gathered from, other figures as well as specific accessories. The Fusion Core connects to the back of the action figure. Figures are also able to connect with and interact with each other (digitally) while offline, and even lets the player know when it's been a while since the last time they played.

Comic Books Edit

Players will be able to use images or scans from the comic books, posters and even packaging to upgrade and enhance their video game experience.


  • Scuttler
  • Bumbler
  • Umbron Soldier
  • Umbron Scout
  • Enraged Trapper
  • Guard Captain
  • Gnarler
  • Gutsmash
  • Umbron Recruit





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