Fusion core 1

The FusionCore is a forward-compatible, user-removable IoT module that bundles most of the expensive electronics into one self-contained unit. That means additional heroes will be a lot cheaper and future heroes and accessories that haven't even been designed yet will be powered by the same FusionCore (making them even more affordable). The FusionCore can also be updated wirelessly over-the-air, allowing the developers to provide players with regular upgrades and awesome new features and functionality over time.

In addition, the game automatically remembers the last hero the players played as, so they can play on-the-go without their action figure. Any progress they make is then updated when the FusionCore is reconnected.


  • Dual ARM CPU.
  • 16MBMemory.
  • 36 GPIO's.
  • Speaker.
  • Motor.
  • Accelerometer.
  • Rechargeable Battery.
  • USB Port.
  • Two front-facing buttons.
  • On/Off Switch.


  • The speaker also serves as a "connection port" for a special accessory known as a "Flight Pack"; once a Flight Pack is attached to a Lightseeker, the two front-facing buttons on the Fusion Core can activate the following perks of the Flight Pack:
    • Pressing the right button once allows the Lightseeker to take flight, then the figure becomes a "controller" so that any movements made with the figure are replicated in-game; when pressed again while in flight, it causes the Lightseeker to land.
    • Pressing the left button allows the Lightseeker to rain down rockets on enemies while in flight, easily defeating them. (Note: the left button must be pressed repeatedly to fire more rockets)
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